New CRE Broker Affiliate Program

Offering A New Office Furniture Subscription Service For Your Clients That Pays You

This simple and easy affiliate program pays you $1 per square foot.

Your clients lease their office space, why would they purchase expensive office furniture?

With a monthly office furniture subscription, there is no high capital cost.

No-risk office furniture customized to your client's brand and culture.

Example: Instead of spending $25,000+ subscribe and get furniture for $784/ Month

Sign Up To Be an EZ Spaces Affilliate

Sign up and start making money today.

When your clients use our monthly subscription service, you get paid

2 weeks after their furniture installs!

We make the hard, easy. We take care of all the work while you focus on business.

Help Your Clients Recruit & Retain

Top Talent

We will help you make your space attractive to help you land top talent. Our strategies can work for you and your brand.

Help Your Clients

Create an Amazing Space and Place.

Expand your space and build your brand influence, promote your company culture with updated furnishings and more.

No High

Upfront Costs

For Your Clients

Save your capital for cash flow, hiring new employees, sales & marketing. Simply have a monthly subscription per month.

Share the Word with Other Brokers

and Earn More.

Learn how to share our services and earn. Spread the word and earn more, word of mouth is our favorite love language!

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Getting started is easy

Just follow these simple steps:


Sign up

Complete our sign-up process

Simply sign up and register. Then let us know when your clients are moving or updating their space.

Create an additional stream of income for your CRE business.

Multiple streams of income are the key to wealth growth.





Watch the magic happen

Submit a referral and let us do the work. If we help your client, you get paid.

Why lease vs buy? Here is why a subscription is better than buying.

Low upfront cost!

Do your cleints pay 100% upfront on your office lease? Of course not.

"Don't let your clients spend $15,000 upfront, instead break it out at $470 a month."

100% Tax Write-off

Super cool service!


"I didn't know there was a subscription service for office furniture. The Netflix of furniture. When our office lease ended after 36 months, EZ Spaces took back the furniture and we didn't have to pay to move it or try to sell it."

-Happy Customer

"After our 3-year office lease was done and we leased new office space, EZ Spaces took the old furniture and we got newly updated furniture for our new space with them. We get the latest furniture trends and keep our office up-to-date and attractive for our employees.


VP of Marketing

Wish I knew about this!

"We were looking for office furniture and it was going to cost $25,000. We only had a budget of $15,000. With our monthly subscription we were able to increase our budget back to $25,000 but only have a $784 monthly payment."


Start Today!

Don't Delay.

Our affiliate program is simple and easy.

Try and let us know 30-120 days before your client's move. Don't worry, if they only have 2 weeks, we may still be able to help.

Refer a Client and Start Earning!

Spread the word and get additional commission with EZ Spaces.

Our mission is to help businesses with cash flow and make a space and place everyone wants to be in. You can have a silicon valley office at an affordable rate with a subscription rental from EZ Spaces.